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Plant and shelves
Octagonal shelves and mirror.
Scaffold board shelving unit
Scaffold board shelving unit
Scaffold board shelving unit
Salon products on shelves
Handmade tree sculpture
Trailing faux wisteria
wisteria faux flowers and leaves
Handmade faux tree trunk
Orchid flower arrangment
Trailing faux wisteria on shop front
Faux plant shop decoration
Trailing wisteria shop front decoration

hair salon

The owner of this salon made the move to organic and vegan products with the plan of creating a more eco-friendly and holistic salon. She was inspired by these new products and way of working, and wanted her salon to reflect this. 
The challenge that we faced here was that the salon could only be closed for a day. Most of the furniture was to be kept but a new shelving unit was needed. We therefore opted for artistic installations and bespoke storage solutions that reflected this exciting new venture.
These were then installed in one day with the help of the salon staff. It was a pleasure to empower the women who worked there to use the power tools and be a part of the design itself. A real sense of achievement was felt by all.